God Of War PS5 vs PS4 Pro – Loading Times & Gameplay Comparison

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God Of War PS5 vs PS4 Pro - Loading Times & Gameplay Comparison
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God of War (2018) is a gorgeous game, but with the latest PS5 patch it looks even better. Here’s a side by side comparison of the PS5 and PS4 Pro versions.

God of War is a great game--one of our favorites of 2018. It’s a pretty good-looking exclusive for PlayStation 4 as well, so we figured that checking out the game on PS5 following the release of its new gen console upgrades was in order.

In the video above, we play through God of War on both PS4 Pro and PS5. We also do a side-by-side comparison of the game’s load times on the two different consoles, providing a clear view of just how much faster the game loads on PS5.

And speaking of loading, did you know that developer Sony Santa Monica had to pull off some exceptionally clever tricks in order to make that scene as awe-inspiring and cool-looking as it did? If you’ve played God of War, you know exactly which scene we’re talking about. On the first episode of Audio Logs, game director Cory Barlog offers his insight into how God of War’s most memorable scene was ultimately created.

If you haven’t yet played God of War, you probably want to skip that episode of Audio Logs until you do. The game is definitely worth your time--as seen in GameSpot’s God of War review, which reads: “In many ways God of War is what the series has always been. It’s a spectacular action game with epic set pieces, big-budget production values, and hard-hitting combat that grows more feverish and impressive as you progress. What may surprise you is how mature its storytelling has become. Like Kratos, God of War recalls the past while acknowledging the need to improve. Everything new it does is for the better, and everything it holds onto benefits as a result. Kratos is no longer a predictable brute. God of War is no longer an old-fashioned action series. With this reboot, it confidently walks a new path that will hopefully lead to more exciting adventures to come.”
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