Xbox Series X REVIEW: One Year Later

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Xbox Series X REVIEW: One Year Later
It’s been just over a year since the Xbox Series X launched, and during that time we’ve seen new games, updated features and new accessories. But what’s it actually like to use, and what improvements have we seen since it was released? Is Game Pass worth it?

Today I’ll be covering my first year gaming on the Xbox Series X, showing the games, console design, performance, storage options, UI and the Xbox app.

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00:00 | Hello, Xbox Series X!
00:36 | Xbox Games
02:01 | Game Pass
04:12 | Console Design
04:48 | Performance
05:41 | Controllers and Accessories
06:45 | Storage and SSDs
07:45 | UI and Dashboard
08:56 | Xbox App
09:37 | Issues and Improvements
10:24 | Final Thoughts on the Series X
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